Which is the best day to move home?

Since moving house can be such a difficult task, it makes sense to choose the day you do it carefully. Some days are quieter for removals companies in Leeds, meaning less competition for their services and lower prices. Read on to find out which is the best day to move home. 

What day should I move home?Removals in Leeds

Take some time to choose which day to move home. You might not think it matters, however, some days are better than others for moving house. Whilst Fridays are ideal for various reasons, they can also be busier and more expensive than other days of the week due to them being in high demand. Keep reading to find out which days are best for relocating. 

Relocate mid-week

You may be tempted to move house on a Friday since you won’t need to book any time off work and you’ll have the whole weekend to unpack your belongings and settle in. However, you should be wary of doing so. That’s because many other people will have had the same thought, leading to high demand for removals companies.

Another reason why Friday is such a popular day of the week to move house is that there’s less disruption to the housing chain if you are buying a house. Having the completion day on Friday morning followed by a long weekend to settle in makes the moving house process ideal. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that if anything does go wrong with the chain and you end up missing the 3 pm transfer deadline, you’ll need to wait until the next working day to get it sorted. This can be highly disruptive to your plans.

Saturday moves are also sought after and so should be avoided if possible. Sundays on the other hand are one of the least popular days to move house, with only 2.69% of movers choosing this day. This makes them the cheapest as removal companies drop their prices to entice movers. An average Sunday move costs £717.13 – much cheaper than the cost of moving on a Friday or Saturday.  

Whilst moving on a Sunday costs less, a mid-week move may be more convenient if you’re able to get the time off work. You’ll benefit from more flexibility on your timeslot as well as lower prices. Moving on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday can mean less traffic as well, making the task much less stressful. 

Consider a mid-month move Which is the best day to move home?

When deciding which day to move house, we suggest opting for the middle rather than the end of the month. This is because your chosen removals company is likely to have greater availability. Many rental agreements run monthly from the beginning of the month to the end, making it a popular time to move house. Therefore, moving mid-month can give you greater flexibility regarding the day and time. You’re also likely to benefit from cheaper prices.

Choose an early-morning timeslot

Since the removals process can take such a long time, it’s not unusual for a move to take longer than the time allotted for it. Therefore, it makes sense to choose an early-morning timeslot if possible. Arranging for your removals company to arrive between 8 am and 10 am gives you plenty of time to complete the move and then begin the unpacking process at the other end. Starting early in the day gives you time to deal with any problems that might arise, reducing stress along the way.

Keep in mind that for a house sale, you’ll need to be moved out of the property by the agreed time. This is usually 12 pm on completion day, however, this can change depending on how long the property chain is. An alternative time can be decided if both the buyer and seller agree to it.

School holidays 

For movers with children, the school holidays are a popular time to move house. This makes them incredibly busy, meaning much more demand for removals companies and higher prices. Whether you have kids or not, you should try to avoid moving during the holidays if possible. If you have young children, it’s usually best to move whilst they are in school. You might assume that they will help you move boxes and assist with other aspects of the move, however, you may find that they are more disruptive than helpful. 

Hire removals companies in Leeds 

Once you’re ready to book removals in Leeds, contact Darvills – the city’s leading removals firm. We’ve been helping people to relocate for many years, building a fantastic reputation for our services. Fridays are our busiest day, however, we may still have some timeslots available. We’ll do our best to cater to your move, helping to make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.   

Book house removals in advance 

Whatever day you want to move house on, it makes sense to book the services of a removals company as early as possible. This will improve your chances of securing your preferred day and timeslot. The best removals companies in Leeds get booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance, especially for Friday moves. 

Ideally, you should book a removals company around 4-6 weeks before you want to move. However, this is just a guideline, and it’s possible to arrange your move a lot further ahead of schedule or at the last minute too if required. 

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