What are the hardest things to pack when moving house?

When it comes to moving home, you’ll soon realise some items are going to be a lot harder to relocate than others. To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important you prepare as much as possible for packing. With insufficient care or expertise, it’s all too easy for poorly packed items to suffer damage in transit. The first step to preparing is knowing which belongings will require extra attention.  So, in this article, we’ll be looking at what are the hardest things to pack when moving house.

What things are hardest to pack in your home?

Moving Out of home


Pianos are notoriously hard to move, combining a large and bulky shape with a fragile and intricate interior. For this reason, it’s best you leave moving a piano to the professionals. Also, try to hire a removal company who has piano moving expertise. They will be able to provide padding material. Furthermore, they should have an appropriate furniture dolly and heavy-duty moving straps to ensure the instrument is handled properly. With this equipment, your piano can be transported safely to your new residence.

Fragile items

Keeping fragile items – such as glassware, art and antiques – safe in transit can be a big worry, particularly if they’re of high value. The key to transporting fragile items safely is to use ample, high-quality packing materials. Take the time to wrap fragile items individually with packing paper and bubble wrap. When putting such items into crates, you should also make sure you fill the empty space between items to reduce movement and the subsequent risk of breakage in transit. Crumpled packing paper or packing peanuts are ideal for this.  

Bulky appliances

Big appliances are hard to move predominantly due to their bulk. An appliance like a fridge freezer or washing machine is not something you can just simply lift into the back of a moving van. Generally, for such appliances, you’ll need a sturdy dolly, sliders, padding and straps. Appliances should be clean and empty before moving, doors should be secured shut and cables should be secured. These are physically demanding items to move and are best left to the professionals.


Your garden and indoor plants can be a tricky thing to move and most removals companies won’t allow plants in the back of the truck, meaning you’ll have to move them in your car. Plants are sensitive to change, whether that’s temperature, humidity, light or soil acidity and this is what makes them challenging to move. For ease of lifting, if your plants are in heavy ceramic pots, you may want to repot them into lightweight plastic pots – if you do this, aim to do so around two weeks before moving to give the plant time to settle. It can be worth bagging or wrapping your plants to minimise accidental damage to foliage and you should stuff empty space around the plant pot in the transport box with paper or packing peanuts to minimise movement. Unpack your plants as soon as you arrive in your new home.

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