What are the benefits of moving home in the winter?

Whilst most people move house in summer in the UK, many are increasingly deciding to relocate during the winter months. Whilst the idea of moving your worldly possessions to your new abode at the coldest time of the year can seem daunting, there are some big reasons to do so. Read on to find out what are the benefits of moving home in the winter. 

What are the benefits of moving home in the winter?

What are the benefits of moving home in the winter?

The benefits of relocating in the winter

The thought of moving house when it’s dark, cold, and icy outside isn’t exactly appealing for most people. However, these downsides are worth putting up with in many cases, especially when you consider the significant benefits of a winter move. 

Less demand for removals services

The summer months are generally the busiest for removal firms as a result of the spring housing market. During winter, business tends to slow down, with less demand for their services. This means you’ll benefit from more choice when it comes to securing your chosen date with a removals company. 

In July and August, you’re likely to face a battle to find a firm that will move you on a Friday since this is the most popular day of the week for removals. You’ll likely need to book months in advance. However, in the low season, you shouldn’t struggle since most removal companies in Leeds have far more availability. This also means that short notice moves are usually possible. You can wait longer to secure your preferred date if you choose to, giving you greater flexibility. 

Lower removals rates

Winter Removals in Leeds

With less demand comes lower rates. This means that you may be able to hire professional removals in Leeds at far less than you would in the summer months. Some removals companies will drop their prices quite significantly during less busy periods, potentially saving you a lot of money. So, if you want to keep removals costs to a minimum, it makes sense to consider a winter move. You might be surprised at just how much cheaper it is to relocate during the colder months.

Cooler weather

Whilst moving house when the weather is cold and icy can sometimes be challenging, for many people it’s preferable to moving in the sweltering heat. In July and August, temperatures can easily reach 30 degrees Celsius. Packing, unpacking and heavy lifting in this heat can be difficult, tiring, and not to mention dangerous. The cooler temperatures make relocating far easier.

What to think about for a winter move 

Moving house in winter comes with a whole range of advantages, from a bigger choice of removal services and lower rates to cooler temperatures. However, that’s not to say that a winter move doesn’t come with challenges. The wintry weather can pose difficulties for movers. As such, we recommend:

  • Wrapping up warm. Whilst this might seem, obvious, it’s amazing how many people make things difficult for themselves by underdressing during a winter move. When moving house in winter, you can expect to spend a lot of time outdoors as you transport your belongings between properties. Therefore, it makes sense to wear several layers to keep warm and comfortable. Dressing in layers means you can take clothes off should you begin to warm up as the day goes on.
  • Clear ice and snow from pathways. One of the biggest risks of moving house in winter is slipping on icy paths. Temperatures dip significantly at this time of year, making the ground very hard and slippy indeed. To help prevent falls, it’s a good idea to clear snow and ice from the pathways, and particularly the entryways of your home. You could put down salt or sand if the weather’s especially cold. The good news is that most removal companies in Leeds have carried out many house moves during the winter months. This means they know how what steps to take to reduce the risk of slips and falls in freezing conditions.
  • Check the weather. By checking the weather forecast regularly, you’ll have a better idea of what the conditions will be like on moving day. If you’re worried that the weather will make your move too difficult or even prevent it from happening altogether, speak to your removals firm. They may be able to reschedule the move if possible.

Book winter removals in Leeds 

When considering what are the benefits of moving home in the winter, it’s also a good idea to think about why you should hire a removals company. Moving house can be challenging at any time, but it becomes even more difficult during the winter months. To make your move go more smoothly, it makes sense to hire a professional removals company to assist you. 

At Darvills of Leeds, we’ve helped hundreds of people to move house at this time of year. We know all the tricks and techniques to make a winter move a success, with our team experienced in lifting and transporting heavy items even when there’s ice and snow on the ground. We’ll carry out a pre-move survey in advance, allowing us to identify any issues that could cause slow things down on moving day

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Now that you know what are the benefits of moving home in the winter, you may be tempted to choose this time of year to relocate. If so, it’s time to start arranging professional removals in Leeds. Contact Darvills today to discuss your requirements with one of the team. Call us on 0113 436 0318 or you can also fill in the form on the website to receive a quote for the removals services you need. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.