Top eco-friendly removal tips [Infographic]

Moving house isn’t the most eco-friendly task. Not only do multiple car and van journeys result in harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere, but all those packaging materials can also be bad news for the environment. To make your house move a little greener, read these top eco-friendly removal tips. 

Top eco-friendly removal tips [infographic]

What are the top eco-friendly removal tips?

Limit your trips

You may find yourself in the car a lot on the run-up to moving day. As well as making lots of trips to your old and new homes, you may also make several journeys to the charity shop to get rid of unwanted belongings or to the shops for supplies. Whilst these trips might be unavoidable, you may not need to take the car in many cases. Walking or cycling there instead can help to limit harmful emissions that can cause air pollution. You could also try and run those errands on a single day rather than making several journeys. 

Declutter responsibly

Decluttering before you move house not only means you’ll have fewer items to transport to your new property but it’s more environmentally friendly too. You’ll need a smaller and lighter removal van that uses less petrol and emits few emissions.

When it comes to decluttering, take your time. Don’t simply throw most of it in the trash. Put to one side anything you think you could sell on to make money from. Consider having a car boot sale or advertising items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Once you’ve done that, separate those items that are still in useable condition but that you don’t think you could sell. Take them to the charity shop or give them away to friends or family. Selling and donating your unwanted possessions is better for than environment than simply dumping them in the bin.

Consider your packing materials  

The packing materials you use when moving house aren’t likely to be eco-friendly. After all, the cardboard boxes, bin bags and bubble wrap will eventually make their way to landfills. However, there are steps you can take to limit their impact on the environment. One of the top eco-friendly removal tips is to reuse boxes. 

Ask if anyone on your street has any you can use, or enquire on social media. You could also visit local shops to ask if they have any you could take. Since most shops don’t store cardboard boxes due to them being a fire risk, they may be happy for you to have them. Ask the staff when the delivery day is and pop along that day to collect them before they’re sent for recycling. Cardboard boxes can be used several times if taken care of, so it doesn’t make sense for everyone to buy new ones every time they move house. 

Another option is to hire or borrow reusable plastic boxes for moving. Try to avoid packing materials that aren’t recyclable if possible. For example, bubble wrap is commonly used for packing fragile items, however, curtains or bed linen can be just as useful.

Make the most out of packing space

Careful packing can help you to keep the number of boxes you use to a minimum. Make the most of all the gaps in the boxes. For example, when packing up the kitchen, put small items such as cutlery or salt and pepper shakers in jugs or pans. The slow cooker could hold spice jars or tea towels. By making the most of every inch of space in your packing boxes, you can limit how many you need to use. 

At Darvills of Leeds, we provide a professional packing service if required. Our experienced packers can pack up everything for you, making sure all the available space is taken advantage of. We’ll aim to use as few boxes as we can when packing your belongings and we’ll always try to use the most eco-friendly materials whenever possible. We’ve helped many local people with environmentally-friendly removals in Leeds, building a fantastic reputation for our services. 

Buy second hand 

When you eventually move into your new home, chances are that you’ll want to decorate it. However, before you start splashing the cash, why not consider buying second hand? eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and charity shops are bursting with fantastic pre-loved furnishings that could be ideal for your new abode. Not only will you prevent them from ending up in a local landfill but you’ll also save a lot of money. Plus, let’s face it, upcycling can be a lot of fun! 

Clean responsibly

Many people are surprised to hear that cleaning their homes isn’t very eco-friendly. They don’t realise that most cleaning products affect the environment, with thousands of harsh chemicals being washed into streams and rivers. Some of them persist in the environment and end up entering the food chain. They can also lead to air pollution due to volatile organic compounds impacting indoor air quality and worsening outdoor smog. 

Cleaning products that don’t come in recyclable containers will end up in landfills where they will cause damage to the environment. For all these reasons, it makes sense to opt for eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning your home before and after your move. You could also consider making your own if you want to save money. 

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