Tips on moving home with a pet [Infographic]

Will you soon be moving home with pets in tow? If so, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance so that you and your furry friend can enjoy a smooth and seamless relocation our your new property. Read these top tips on moving home with your pet.

tips on moving home with a pet

Key advice for moving home with your pet

Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. However, the task can become even more challenging when you have pets. Not only do you need to think about the logistics of moving your dog or cat from A to B but you need to consider the impact it can have on them mentally. Moving house can be an incredibly confusing time for pets since they’re unable to understand why all these big changes are happening. Keep reading for our top tips on moving home with your pet.

Choose the right home and area 

When looking for a place to buy or rent, consider how suitable it is not just for you but your pet too. Is the garden big enough? If you have an active pup, a large garden can prove useful. Are the roads busy? If so, this could be hazardous for an outdoor cat. Knowing you have chosen a house that’s well suited to your pet can put your mind at rest and make the transition easier for them too. 

An important step to take before you move house is to ensure your pet has a collar with your contact details listed. Ideally, you should get them used to wearing it before moving day arrives. 

Register with a reputable veterinary practice 

You should also check out the local area for a reputable veterinary practice in advance. This will be particularly useful if your pet has existing medical needs. If you have time, pay a visit to check you’re happy with the service on offer. We also recommend making sure your pet’s microchip is updated in time for your move. A microchip, which is now compulsory for both dogs and cats, holds your address and telephone number on a central database, making sure your pet can be reunited with you if they go missing. 

Make packing a gradual process

One of the things that makes moving house so stressful for animals is the sudden change of surroundings as you pack everything away. Therefore, it’s a good idea to refrain from packing up everything too quickly. Starting packing around a week before moving day, ideally saving their bed, litter tray, toys, and bowls for last. This will ensure that your pets are not faced with an immediate change of environment on the day. Remove items gradually, allowing your cat or dog to become familiar with the changes over the space of several days. Doing so will help to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible on moving day.

Stick to your normal routine 

Many pets thrive on having a regular, reliable routine. However, when you’re moving house, this can go out of the window, leaving them feeling confused, insecure and anxious. For this reason, you should try to maintain their routine as much as possible during this hectic time. Dogs, in particular, enjoy routine and feel most at ease when you feed and walk them at the same time each day. You should try to keep them in this habit before moving and then once you get to your new home. Knowing what to expect at each time every day will help to make this tough transition more bearable for your pet. 

Hire a reputable removals company

One of the top tips on moving home with your pet is to choose a pet-friendly removals company. At Darvills of Leeds, we’ve helped many of our clients to move house with pets in tow, assisting with the transportation of cats and dogs to rabbits, birds, and many other animals. There’s a lot to consider when moving house with pets, however, we can offer expert advice every step of the way. We recommend placing your pet in one room before our removal van arrives. Put some of their favourite items in there along with a bed, litter tray and food and water bowls. We’ll deal with this room last so that your pets aren’t caught up in the chaos of the removals process. Look no further than Darvills for removals in Leeds.

Introduce them to their new home slowly

Whilst you might be thrilled to get into your new home and start making your mark, your pet is likely to be more cautious. So, don’t rush when it comes to introducing them to their new surroundings. If you’re using a pet carrier, leave the door open so that they can explore in their own time. Start them off in one room so that they are not overwhelmed, ideally with a few of their favourite items.

As they begin to discover their new home as they grow more comfortable, gradually open up new rooms. This will help to avoid any sudden panic and reduce anxiety.

Some cat owners choose to use a synthetic feline pheromone diffuser to reduce their pet’s stress and anxiety during house moves. You can buy these online as well as from most pet stores. There’s an equivalent for dogs, however, they are not so commonly used.

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