The most important questions to ask your removal company [ Infographic ]

Since your removal company will play such a huge part in helping you move house, it’s important to choose the right one. You need to ensure that they’re not just experienced in assisting with house moves like yours but that they have the appropriate equipment and insurance in place. Choosing the right firm will help to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly from start to finish. Read on to discover the most important questions to ask your removal company. 

The most important questions to ask your removal company

5 things to ask your removal company 

Although you may be in a hurry to hire a removal company for your house move, it’s important to ask a few key questions before securing their services. After all, not all removal firms are made equal, with some less capable, trustworthy and reliable. To ensure you hire a company that you can trust to move you to your new property safely and with minimal stress, consider asking the following questions.  

Will you carry out a pre-move survey?

One of the most important questions to ask your removal company is if they will carry out a pre-move survey. This home removals survey is essential since it allows them to not only provide an accurate quote for removals in Morley but to inspect the house and identify any issues in advance. This will ensure there are no problems or confusion on moving day. During the survey, you can ask the removal company a number of questions, such as how long they think the move will take and if they provide packing or storage services. 

Are you insured?Removals In Leeds

Don’t forget to ask your chosen removal company if they’re insured. Since they are going to be handling and transporting your worldly possessions, it’s important to ensure that they have insurance in place to cover them should they be damaged. 

As well as having Public Liability insurance, they should also have Goods in Transit insurance. This should give you peace of mind that your belongings will be protected throughout the whole journey. You may want to ask your removal company for a copy of their insurance policy. If they’re unwilling to let you see it for some reason, this could be a sign that they’re not adequately insured. 

What other services do you offer?

Another key question to ask your removal company is if they offer any other services. These could include packing services or storage services. Although paying for them to pack up your belongings can seem like an unnecessary expense, there are a number of benefits to doing so. Not only will it save you a great deal of time and energy but it can also save you money by ensuring that your belongings don’t come to any harm during transit. 

Items are far less likely to be damaged when they’re packed by experienced packing experts. If you do opt for professional packing services, you may want to ask them if they will provide all the packing materials such as boxes, cartons and bubble wrap. You may benefit from storage services if you need to store some of your items securely during the move. They can be particularly helpful if you’re downsizing and can’t take everything you own with you to your new home. 

What size vehicles do you use?

You’ll need to ask your removal company what size vehicle they will use for your house move. Do they use vans or lorries? If they will be using a small van to pack up a three-bed house, this is likely to take multiple trips. This means it will take longer to complete the move. On the other hand, a small van will be best for areas that have narrow lanes. Making it a good option for some house moves. Many removal companies will use a large lorry. Ensuring that the move can be completed in a quicker time. Your removal company will determine what size vehicle you need when they carry out your pre-move survey.

When do I need to pay?

Of course, one of the most important things you’ll need to know when hiring a removal company is when you’ll need to pay them for their services. You should ask them whether you’ll pay them on the day or beforehand. As well as what payment methods they accept. If they say they only accept cash, this should be a red flag. Most reputable removal companies will be happy to take credit card payments as well. Keep in mind that most removal firms will require the full payment upfront. This is the standard procedure and nothing to be concerned about. 

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