Summer Storage for Students

Heading home from university for the summer is always an enjoyable experience, the last thing you want is to be dragging all of your belongings around with you in the heat of the summer sun. Luckily, affordable, sizeable self-storage solutions are on hand to help. Here’s some storage advice for a stress-free start to your summer break.

Have a Clear Out

There may be things in your possession that you no longer want or need, so why take up valuable space with unnecessary items? Separate your belongings into two categories; things that can be stored and those that can’t. Generally, you can’t store combustibles, food, plants or toxic/hazardous materials, but always check with the storage company if you aren’t sure.

Do Your ResearchRemovals in Dewsbury

Once you know exactly what it is you’re wanting to store, and how much space you’re going to need, you’re ready to choose a self-storage provider. One thing which is paramount to any storage unit is security. Does the facility have 24 hour surveillance? You want your belongings to be safe.

Do you want your possessions to be closer to home or university? Location is important when it comes to dropping off and picking up your items.

Make sure you get quotes for different self-storage facilities, this can save you money in the long run. Another thing to consider is how much access you’d have to your items. Not every storage facility is open 24 hours a day, so make sure you ask when getting quotes.

Be Prepared

Preparing your items for storage is an important step that many people miss out. Before you start to pack, check that all of your items are in good condition. All clothing and linen should be washed and dried prior to storage, make sure fragile items are protected and remove dirt and stains from furniture and carpets.

If you’re planning on storing kitchen appliances, such as fridges and microwaves, ensure they’ve been properly cleaned to avoid a nasty surprise come autumn.

removing a mattressPack Carefully

The better you pack, the safer your items will be. Use high quality boxes or plastic crates for any heavy loads. It may also be helpful to pack things into categories, such as plates and bowls, clothes and linen, books and stationery. It’s important you label the boxes in accordance with their contents, this will make it easier when you come to unpack your items in the future.

Take care not to overpack your boxes, always leave some space at the top for a sheet of bubble wrap or tissue paper for an extra protective buffer. You may also find it useful to keep an inventory of what you’re putting into storage, this ensures you don’t leave things behind when you remove them from the container.

Keep it Organised

If you’re taking your boxes to the storage container yourself, stack them carefully and in accordance with their weight. The heaviest ones should go on the bottom of the pile while the lighter boxes go on top. If you think you may need some items sooner than expected, put them towards the front of the unit, this way, you won’t have to unpack the entire container should you need to retrieve some things early.


Darvills of Leeds have decades of experience in removals and storage. Providing a range of secure storage units at our dedicated facilities, we can cater for every need. Offering short and long term storage solutions with 24 hour CCTV monitoring, your belongings will be safe with us. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services in and around Leeds.