Settling into your new neighbourhood [Infographic]

One of the biggest concerns you may have when moving house is how soon you’ll start settling into your new neighbourhood. Whilst connecting with people on your street isn’t easy, there are steps you can take to speed up the process. Read on to find out how to settle into your neighbourhood and become a valued member of your community.


Introduce yourself to your neighbours


You should aim to introduce yourself to your new neighbours as soon as possible. Whilst you’re likely to be very busy on the day you move in, try to make time to chat with those people who pop over to welcome you to the street. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be as pleasant and friendly as possible! Show them that you’re sociable and approachable. Once you’ve unpacked and you’re feeling more relaxed, you could always go round to their homes for a longer conversation.  

Plan a party 

Whilst you don’t need to go over the top, planning a small housewarming party can be a useful way to get to know your neighbours better. A get-together with drinks, snacks, and music can be a fantastic way to break the ice and start building a connection with those who live nearby to you. We recommend keeping the music at a reasonable level so as not to annoy those who don’t attend your shindig! 

Get out and about 

Many people fall so in love with their homes that they spend all their time there, neglecting to explore the local area. However, if you’re serious about setting into your new neighbourhood and becoming a respected member of the community, it’s important to get out and about. Start exploring your village or town as soon as you’ve moved in. Visit nearby shops, coffee houses and restaurants and introduce yourself to people you meet there. We recommend exploring on foot if you can since this will give you a chance to chat with new people.

Visit your local pub 

In many communities, local pubs are at the heart. A unique aspect of British life, they have played an important role in villages and towns for hundreds of years. Since pubs provide an informal setting for people to meet up and socialise, they are the ideal place to build new friendships with those who live in your area. When you head to your local, we recommend standing at the bar rather than sitting down at a table. This will allow you to meet other people more easily. You could ask the bar staff to introduce you to the regulars or enquire about events such as pub quizzes.

Be a helpful neighbour 

Settling into your neighbourhood becomes a far easier task when you start to become known as a helpful neighbour. So, we recommend taking any chance you can to do good deeds for those on your street. Good deeds can vary from putting a neighbour’s bins out if they’ve forgotten, to signing for someone’s parcel if they’re not at home. Whilst you don’t need to go overboard (no one likes a suck-up!), it’s the little things that show people that you’re a good neighbour and an asset to your street. 

Find other parents 

Moving somewhere new when you have kids can be somewhat isolating. Staying inside can sometimes feel easier when you don’t know the area that well. However, it’s more helpful for both you and your children to get out and about and start meeting new people as soon as possible. You could start by finding playgroups nearby to you. This gives your kids a chance to start making new friends whilst allowing you to form a new friendship group. Start arranging playdates and begin forming a social circle.

Hang out in your front garden

If you want to meet people who live on your street, don’t hide away in your back garden. Instead, spend time at the front of your property, either tidying your garden, sweeping your driveway, cleaning your wheelie bins, or even just washing your car. When you make yourself visible to your neighbours, it gives them the opportunity to talk to you and introduce themselves. The more familiar you become, the sooner you will settle into your neighbourhood. 

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch

Does your area have a Neighbourhood Watch group? If so, you may want to consider joining it. Neighbourhood Watch groups help to reduce crime in local areas, allowing people to feel safer and more secure. Joining this group won’t just enable you to play your part in safeguarding your community but also help you to meet new people who live nearby to you. You can meet like-minded people who share your values. 

Hire an experienced removals company

To make your house move easier and help you settle into your new neighbourhood faster, we recommend searching for a company experienced in removals in Leeds and Wakefield. Having a great removals team by your side on moving day can make the process of moving house less stressful and allow you to move into your new home feeling happy and relaxed. At Darvills of Leeds, we’re renowned for our professional and affordable home removals services throughout the West Yorkshire area. We can help you settle into your new home in no time at all.

Contact us 

Hopefully, this has helped you with questions about settling into your new neighbourhood. If you’ll soon be moving to a new neighbourhood, it’s time to contact Darvills of Leeds, one of the leading removals companies in Leeds and Wakefield. We have been helping people to move house for over 100 years and have built up a fantastic reputation. Call us on 0113 436 0318 to discuss your removal needs with one of our fantastic team. You can also complete the form on our website to get a quick quote.