Removals Expectations vs. Reality 

In a perfect world, your house move will be just as you envisaged but what are your removals expectations? A swift and hassle-free process full of joy and excitement about your new start in your dream property. However, moving house usually isn’t as simple as you imagine when you first make the decision to relocate. The expectations and the reality of moving are often somewhat different! Read on to find out what you should really expect when moving to a new house. 

What are the main removals Expectations?

Expectation: Moving house yourself is less expensive than hiring a removals company

Reality: Hiring a removal company often works out cheaper 

You might assume that moving house yourself will save you money, however, this is rarely the case. The best removals companies in Leeds and Halifax have years of experience in the industry and they’re fully trained to move heavy, awkward, and fragile items. This means they’re unlikely to cause any damage to your belongings. 

You can always trust your friends with packing your expensive glassware or IT equipment, but there’s a higher chance they’ll damage them. You should also keep in mind that many insurance policies won’t cover you if you’ve packed the items yourself. When you hire a removals firm like Darvills of Leeds, to pack them for you, your items will be insured.  

Moving house yourself or with the help of friends could also result in damage to your building. For example, you could damage the doorway as you try to manoeuvre a large couch or table through it. Again, it will be you who foots the bill if you don’t choose to enlist the services of a full-insured removals company in Leeds. 

Expectation: Packing won’t take long, I don’t have many possessions

Reality: You have more than you think and packing takes forever

Packing is often one of the most difficult aspects of moving house. The truth is that most people have more possessions than they realise, and it’s not until they start clearing out all the cupboards, loft, and garage that they realise it’s not going to be a quick and easy task. Don’t underestimate the huge undertaking that packing for a house move is. We recommend planning a packing schedule for several weeks in advance to allow you to pack everything in time. 

Of course, if you really want to make packing easier, you could always hire our expert packing team. At Darvills of Leeds, we’re one of the few removals companies in Leeds & Wakefield offering a dedicated packing service. As well as packing your belongings safely and securely to ensure they’re protected during transit, we can also provide all the packing materials, including boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape. We make packing to move house a stress-free process.

Expectation All removals firms are the same

Reality: Some are better than others

Don’t assume that all removals companies in Halifax and Leeds are the same and simply hire the first one you come across on Google. Not only do some offer a more professional, reliable, and affordable service than others, but there are also firms that are more competent at moving specialists items. If you need a removals firm to shift hard to move items such as pianos, expensive artwork, or even an aquarium full of fish, you need to find a company with a proven track record of moving them.  

To get a better insight into a removals company and the service they offer, it’s a good idea to check online reviews. These days, leaving feedback has become commonplace for both happy and dissatisfied customers. Therefore, you can expect to be able to make a genuine assessment of a firm by checking reviews online. You’ll quickly work out which to avoid and which you should find out more about.

Expectation: The removals company will magic your furniture through your narrow hallways

Reality: You may need to leave some furniture behind  

At Darvills of Leeds, we’re renowned for getting furniture through tight spaces. Our experienced team know all the tricks of the trade to manoeuvre all sorts of items through narrow areas. However, what we can’t do is perform the impossible. We can’t move the walls of your new home to get your couch or bed inside! To make sure there are no unwelcome surprises on moving day, it’s important for your chosen removals company to carry out a pre-move survey. 

When they come to do the survey, show them a floor plan of your new home. As they assess your possessions, they will be able to establish what can and can’t be moved into the property. This means you’ll have plenty of time to either sell or give away any furniture or any items that can’t come with you. A pre-move survey also allows the removals firm to provide you with an accurate quote.

Expectation: You’ll be unpacked within a few days

Reality: You’ll still be settling in months later 

Ideally, you’ll be unpacked with your feet up within a few days of moving into your new home. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to be the case! Unpacking all those boxes in your new home can be more challenging than you might imagine, especially if they’re not labelled correctly. To speed up the process of settling into your new house, make sure you label them clearly. You should be able to easily establish what each box contains and which room it should go into. This will make unpacking your belongings so much simpler and less time-consuming.  

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