Moving House: Expectations vs Reality

Moving day is big, no matter whether you’re moving around the corner or halfway across the world. So much planning goes into it and it’s such a big undertaking that there’s always going to be a difference between what we expect and what actually happens. In this article, we’re going to run through the expectations vs realities of moving day.

Expectation: Moving home is easy, I’ll start packing a few days before

Reality: Organisation is absolutely crucial 

Once you have signed the mortgage papers, the rental contract or the lease for your property, you should start packing. In fact, you may even want to start packing before that, depending on how long you’ve got. If you start packing with only a few days to spare, you’re going to find yourself rushing around, cramming things into boxes and potentially forgetting important things amidst the chaos of a last minute pack. Be as proactive as possible.

Expectation: I’ll discard the clothes I don’t want and pack lightly with ease

Reality: It’s not that easy

In reality, you’re going to struggle to part with a surprisingly large amount of your possessions. Even if you’ve not worn a certain jumper for months, you may find yourself suddenly becoming sentimental and trying to justify keeping it. In these situations, you need to be somewhat ruthless and set aside things that you know, deep down, you don’t need to take with you. This saves you a lot of packing, it saves space in your new place and helps reduce the loads you need to transport, which can in turn lower the fuel consumption. 

Expectation: I’ll move without a removals company to save money

Reality: DIY removals are often more expensive

It sounds counterintuitive, but moving home without professional assistance ends up costing more, even without the money spent on hiring a removals company. With a removals company gives you the benefit of expert packing, and with their experience in moving large items, you won’t need to worry about damage to your possessions. Perhaps most importantly, many insurance policies won’t cover DIY removals, so you could be facing a significant outlay if you drop that TV. 


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