How do I prepare for a removal company?

A good removal company can help make your house move smooth and hassle-free from start to finish. However, there’s a lot of work for you to do before they arrive, from decluttering your possessions to labelling your packing boxes. If you’re wondering “How do I prepare for a removal company?”, read on. 

6 top tips for preparing for professional movers

Professional movers can take care of most aspects of your move. They can deal with everything from packing your belongings to transferring them to your new home and even unpacking them upon arrival. However, there are things you can do to make the process easier and less stressful on moving day. Keep reading to discover our top tips for preparing for a removal company.

Make a plan Which is the best day to move home?

Once you’ve booked your removal company, you should make a plan for your move. There’s so much to remember and it can be easy to forget important tasks that need to be completed before moving day. Write down everything you need to do, from decluttering to packing. This will ensure you are completely ready and not still throwing things into boxes as the removal van pulls up outside your house.


Decluttering can really help in the run-up to your house move. It can help you to slim down your possessions, ensuring there are fewer of them to pack up and transport to your new property. Not only can this make moving day easier but it can also make your removal costs cheaper too. When considering whether to keep or get rid of items, ask yourself two questions – “Do I still use it?” and “Does it make me happy?” If neither answer is yes, it’s a good indication that it’s time for it to be thrown or given away.

Dismantle furniture

Whilst most of your furniture won’t need dismantling, some of it will. For example, bed frames, large dining room tables and wardrobes often need taking apart. They may have been assembled inside the room, which means they possibly won’t fit through the door when moving out. Many removal companies will dismantle furniture for you and reassemble it upon arrival at your new home. However, if you plan on doing this yourself, make sure you do it before your removal team arrives on moving day. The last thing you want is to be halfway through taking a king-size bed frame apart as the removal van pulls up.

who needs to know that you are moving house.Pack up your belongings

When people ask us “How do I prepare for a removal company?”, we always advise packing as early as possible. If you want to pack up your belongings yourself, you’ll need to make sure the task is completed before the removal company arrives. Packing to move house is a mammoth task that can take several days or even weeks if you’re doing it in stages. However, all too often, people underestimate how long it will take them and run out of time to pack everything up properly. 

If you want to take the stress out of the packing process, you may want to consider asking your removal company to do this for you. Most removal firms offer a packing service, with many even providing the packing materials too. Packing services are well worth it if you have a lot of possessions and not much time to pack them before moving day arrives.

Arrange child and pet care if necessary 

A house move can be challenging enough without worrying about your children and pets throughout the day. They can also make it harder for the removal company to do their job in some cases. Therefore, you may want to consider arranging care for them on the day of the move. Ask a friend or family member to look after them until you’re fully moved into your new home. If you will have your kids and pets with you on moving day, make a plan to keep them entertained and ensure they won’t get in the way of the removal team. 

Pack an overnight pack

Before your removal company arrives on moving day, make sure you pack an overnight bag. This should contain all those essentials that you’ll need for that fight night in your new home. Having toiletries, medication, a change of clothes and maybe some snacks on hand means you won’t need to go digging through boxes to find what you need. You can unpack your moving boxes at a more leisurely pace instead. 

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