Good Reasons To Move House

 There are many reasons to move house, big and small, but how readily you decide to move on will depend on the individual. Moving home is not a decision to take lightly but if you’re getting itchy feet and find you don’t enjoy your current home as much as you once did, you shouldn’t just ignore the signs. So, why do people put themselves through the upheaval of relocating? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons to move home.


Maybe you are planning on starting a family, or maybe you just feel like you’ve outgrown your small city centre flat – whatever your circumstances, upsizing is at the heart of many relocation decisions. Bigger homes give you more space to enjoy and can help you future proof your living situation for many years to come.

Along similar lines, finding a new abode which is an upgrade on your current space is another good reason to move on. Whether it has more features, or you happen to find your dream Georgian country house, discovering an upgrade can help you enjoy your home more.


For those who have had kids move out of home, downsizing is a logical choice. Although you may find it hard to let go of the family home initially, the unused extra space can begin to feel increasingly redundant. Downsizing will give you a much more manageable living space, all of which you can enjoy. What’s more, the upkeep of a smaller home will be cheaper so you won’t be wasting money on maintaining space you don’t use.

Move into your own place

Everyone has to make the leap sometime and although it can be hard to make your way on to the property ladder these days, the space and freedom away from the family home or shared accomodation is worth it. There is help out there for new buyers – such as the government’s Help To Buy scheme – so, with some dedicated saving, you could be enjoying your own home sooner than you think.

Move to a better area

Being able to move to a nicer area can be a big drive for moving home. Particularly if your current neighbourhood suffers from high crime rates or has somewhat gone downhill of late, moving can offer the chance to start afresh somewhere nicer. Alternatively, it may just be that a different area comes with different opportunities. For example, it is a popular wish for homes to be within the catchment area for a well-rated school and if you’re looking to start a family, this might be an influential consideration when deciding on location.

Change of scenery

Sometimes, new challenges, new places and a change of pace are just what you need. Whether you want to swap the hustle and bustle of city life for the calm and serenity of the countryside, or vice versa, a move can give you the change of scenery you desire. Furthermore, if you’ve decided to move on to new horizons professionally, taking a new job some distance away, a new home within a convenient distance of your new workplace is a complementary change.


move house

No matter what your reasons to move, Darvills of Leeds can help you relocate to your new and improved home with ease. Our team of highly trained, professional movers will ensure your belongings are treated with due care and consideration, arriving safely at their destination. With professional packing services and the experience to facilitate domestic, international and commercial removals, why not give us a call today to see how we can help? We’re ideally placed to serve customers in Leeds and the surrounding regions.