Do removal companies pack for you? [Infographic]

Will you soon be moving house and looking for a packing service? Or perhaps you’re relocating your business to new premises? In either case, you may be wondering if removal companies can pack for you. The packing process can be more challenging than you might think, requiring a huge amount of time and effort. You may only actually realise how many items you own when the time comes to pack them! Fortunately, many removal companies in Leeds and Wakefield offer packing services. At Darvills of Leeds, we can pack your belongings quickly and carefully, making your moving day so much easier.

What are packing services? 

A packing service is provided by removal companies to make the moving process quick and easy for customers. At Darvills of Leeds, not only will we carry out the packing of your belongings, but we’ll also provide all the packing materials to ensure they’re transported safely. We can pack every item you want moving to your new home or office. From clothes, shoes, and furniture to crockery, glassware, ornaments, and chandeliers, we can pack it all, with our experienced team dedicating all their care and attention to the task. 

You can rest assured that your possessions will arrive at your new home or office in one piece. We’ll clearly label all your moving boxes, noting the contents and which room within your new home you’ve designated them for. 

Most removal companies will offer an unpacking service too. This involves unpacking all belongings at the other end and placing them in the rooms in which you’ve specified. We recommend producing a floor plan to assist with this process. Once we’ve unpacked everything, we’ll remove all the packing materials, leaving you to enjoy your new home or office.


Do removal companies pack for you [infographic]


What items can’t you pack?

Whilst removal companies in Wakefield and Leeds can be relied up on to pack most things on moving day, there are some things (known as non-allowable items) that even the professionals can’t touch. These are the things that we can’t pack for health and safety reasons. For a full list of our prohibited items, please get in touch. One of our team will be able to advise you on which items we’re unable to move. We may be able to provide guidance on moving or disposing of them yourself. 

Do you provide packing materials in your packing service?

Not all companies provide packing materials for removals in Leeds or Wakefield, however, we certainly do. At Darvills of Leeds, we know how challenging it can be to not just pack up everything you own, but make sure you have enough boxes, cartons, paper, and bubble wrap too. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through the packing process only to realise that you’ve run out of packing materials. We’ll bring everything we need with us when packing up your belongings, ensuring you won’t need to worry about a thing. 

What are the biggest benefits of a packing service? 

Packing services can certainly make life easier when it comes to moving to a new property. Whether you’re moving house or changing business premises, having your packing done for you by a local removals company can take away so much stress and hassle. Here are the biggest benefits of professional packing services:


  • Saves you time. Don’t underestimate how long it will take to pack up everything you own. Many people simply don’t realise just how many possessions they’ve accumulated over the years. Hiring a packing service can ensure that you’re not still piling everything into boxes and bags as the removal van turns up! Most homes can be packed in a single day by our packing team, which means you won’t spend weeks surrounded by boxes.
  • Less stressful. Let’s face it, relocating can be stressful. Whether you’re moving to a new house or switching offices, it can be a hectic experience. Therefore, it makes sense to enlist a team of removals specialists to help with your packing. When you hire Darvills of Leeds to take care of packing your belongings, you can relax and look forward to settling into your new property. 
  • Better organisation. When your packing is carried out by our experienced packing team, moving day will be much more organised. Not only will your belonging be packed into the appropriate boxes, but they will be clearly labelled so you know where to find everything when you arrive at your new place. You won’t need to worry about finding the tin opener in your DVD collection, for example!  
  • Packing materials provided. When you hire Darvills of Leeds for removals in Wakefield or Leeds, all packing materials are provided. From boxes and wardrobe cartons to paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape, we can supply everything needed to pack your belongings efficiently and safely.  
  • Fragile items packed carefully. Our team are experts at packing fragile or valuable items. We’ll pack them carefully and in a way that ensures they’ll arrive safely in your new property. We can pack your ornaments, crockery, glassware, vases, and lights, providing them with all the protection they need during transportation. 
  • Your items are insured. Hiring packing services will ensure that your possessions are insured during the move. Sometimes, insurers will not provide you with cover if you pack the items yourself.

Arrange a free pre-move survey 

Hiring a removals company to pack for you can be beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it save you a great time of time and effort, but your items are much more likely to arrive at your new home or office in one piece! At Darvills of Leeds, our packing team are very experienced, having provided packing services for hundreds of customers over the years. For a no-obligation quote, why not arrange for us to provide a free pre-move survey? We can come to your home or office to discuss your requirements and determine which items need to be moved. 


To talk to one of our friendly removals team about our packing service, call 0113 436 0318 (Leeds) or 0192 472 9084 (Wakefield). You can also email us at or send a message via the contact form on the website.